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Are you taking up residence in The Hague, the city of peace and justice? Congratulations, great choice! Perhaps you’ve just accepted a position with an international organization in the area and are now planning your relocation? Or maybe you’ve been living and working in The Hague for some time now, ready to switch from a rental home to owning your own place? Either way, good for you!

The Hague is one of those many beautiful Dutch cities with lots of the good life going on, both culturally in the historic city center and outdoors by the beach or city parks. Search and Finance is here to help you get settled in. The combined effort of an expat realtor and a mortgage broker will make your relocation as smooth as can be. In three steps, Search and Finance will help you decide where you want to live, whether to buy or to rent a home and advise you on the financial side of setting up residence in The Hague.

Moving to the Hague Search and Finance
Agreement in principle
Agreement in Principle

Moving to the Netherlands is exciting. There are plenty of decisions to make, one of them being where to live. Let us help you map out your options. That way, you can make an informed decision about renting or buying in The Hague.

Find a home

Find a home

Finding the right property to call home can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re new to the country. How would you like to have access to a realtor who knows what it feels like to start over in a new country.



While the length of your stay in the Netherlands is not yet certain, one thing you know for sure: renting a house is very expensive. Therefore, the preferred option for many expats is to buy a home once they take up residence in the Netherlands.

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